Wholesale Info

Wholesale Account Information

Thank you for inquiring about opening a wholesale account. I am thrilled that you liked my work and would love to find a home for some of my creations with your customers.

My online catalog currently shows RETAIL pricing. Please contact me via email or call me at 650-799-6051 for the wholesale pricing conversions. In the meanwhile, know that they are typical of the industry and you will have a nice margin on each item.

Each of my hand-made pieces is one-of-a-kind. Each mineral specimen is different and the splatters and free-form melts are all unique. The new Organics IN Silver collection is amazing in that it captures all of the texture and detail of the original flora that I cast. These items have been selling VERY well.

My new online catalog has an up-to-date inventory of all of the pieces I have available. Each one has a high resolution photo, dimensions, and full product details so that you can make your selections easily. I am happy to consult with you as you make your choices so that they offer your customers a range of sizes and price points. The catalog lists suggested retail prices.

We encourage trade-ins. While I do not accept returns, I do encourage exchanges. If some the pieces you have selected don’t move in a reasonable time, you should trade these in for a different selection. Everyone benefits if you keep your display of my work fresh, so I really DO want you to exchange pieces that aren’t moving. There is always the perfect “forever” home for each of my creations. I am extremely flexible.

I also offer custom “pick boxes” for purchases between shows. I work closely with each gallery manager to determine a selection of my pieces that would fit in with their customers’ tastes. You can specify price ranges, stones, minerals, colors, sizes, and formats. I then look through my collections or create new pieces to form a custom “pick box” of groupings that merchandize well together, provide a range of price points, and show a variety of styles. A typical “pick box” will include several thousand dollars of inventory possibilities so the gallery has plenty of choices. The “pick box” is guaranteed with a credit card, but this card is not charged until the gallery has decided which pieces to keep. Given the time and effort involved, we require a minimum purchase of $450 for each “pick box.”

All pieces are guaranteed for breakage and we will repair them promptly. FYI, we can also often repair pieces that your customers have bought from other artists.

We welcome custom orders. Note that I can make custom pieces especially for your gallery. For example, I created a line of marine-themed pieces that incorporated sterling sea horses, shells, and dolphins for a gallery in Bonaire. I welcome the creative challenge of working on special requests.

We offer volume discounts. If you purchase at least $1,000, you will receive 10% off your total and free shipping. If you purchase over $3,000, your order is further discounted 10% and you will be offered free busts or chains.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with you to offer your customers the perfect selection of Carina Rossner Organics!

My studio phone is 650-327-8434 and my cell is 650-799-6051.