Organic Gold

All of the pieces are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and use all natural materials. Many of them are parts of series or collections that use similar materials and a select number can be “re-created,” thought not “reproduced.” My customers enjoy knowing that they are wearing something truly unique. I do all of the lapidary and metal work in my studios in Palo Alto and Menlo Park, CA.

The gold I use all starts as recycled/repurposed gold of different karats and alloys. Customers come to me with jewelry that they are no longer wearing, old gifts from ex-mother-in-laws, pieces that they have inherited from relatives they don’t recognize, etc. I melt down the gold, mixing all of the different pieces, and make them a piece of jewelry. I keep a portion of the gold as my commission, slowly accumulating these portions into amounts that I can use to make jewelry pieces for sale.

Most of my “Organic Gold” pieces are splatters of melted gold on different surfaces and textures. Playing with molten gold, I can understand why it has been the metal of choice for jewelers through the millennia. Gold flows so cleanly, moves so gracefully, and has such strength!