Video Studio Tour

How I became an artist by mistake

A wandering camera crew caught me at a weak moment in Tucson during the GJX show. When they asked how I had become a jeweler, I slipped and told them that it was all a big mistake. The interview they did turned out pretty cool, however, so I am including it here.

(Virtually) Visit my Studio – See How I Do What I Do

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words — but sometimes it takes a video to get the picture. Now you can see how I melt and play with Sterling to make different types of “Organic Silver” pieces. If you are curious about what my studio looks like, what acetylene torches do to metal, what the difference between a “splat” and a “flap” is, or why I am so thrilled with my “good vibrations” helper, take a look at my new YouTube video.

I was also interviewed on a community cable TV show called “Talk Art” sponsored by the Silicon Valley Open Studios project. While you may be able to catch it on TV at 3 a.m. some random morning, I am including it here for your viewing pleasure. The first portion introduces me and talks about how I started making jewelry (by mistake).

Note that the studio tour above was used as the middle segment of this interview. The last section of the interview focuses on the business of being an artist.

Thank you for watching!